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Good St. Makes Giving A Part Of Your Daily Routine

Our Mission

Good St. lets anyone in the world become a philanthropist with as little as one quarter a day.

We're a non-profit platform making it easy and meaningful to give charity to hundreds of new causes and organizations across the globe. Start every morning off reading about a new cause and two ways to give with just the click of a button.

And while your 25¢ usually buys bubblegum or a stamp, joining the collective means that your donations have a serious impact on countless issues and important causes worldwide.

Our Vision

Today Streeters give hundreds of dollars every single day to disadvantaged communities, medical treatments, developing countries, and so much more.

But this is just the beginning.

We envision a world where our community doesn't just buy textbooks, but actually builds the whole school. Where we don't just supply fresh water bottles, but actually construct the reservoir.

And with a community that is so passionately engaged on a daily basis, Streeters can do so much more than donate dollars - this global network of Do-Gooders can mobilize and respond to the world's most pressing needs wherever and whenever they happen.

So whether it's with money, resources, or time – Streeters are coming together to change the world, one day at a time.

Start Giving on Good St. as little as 25¢ a day.

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